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Christy Reyes-Howell

Visionary / Sr. Designer / ICF Builder

I grew up in England for a decent portion of my childhood, ages 5 - 10, where the architecture & culture impacted me in various ways. Sometimes I wonder if I was to return if it would feel like home. 

I graduated in 2004 w/a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the UCO Design Program. I've enjoyed working in massive showrooms managing 10,000sf of textiles, Wallcoverings, Window Treatments & Custom Furniture. Only to find my next path, working for a custom home builder before owning my 1st Design firm prior to CRH.  

My 1st career as an Interior Designer has provided me valuable insight into material usage & various knowledge in the field, but I feel the architecture in England, influenced my 2nd Career as a Builder of energy efficient ICF structures.  


While I advocate for Workforce Development & Women in the Trades. I also feel supporting our current workforce is a must, but that can only be done through accountability & team work. 

Some small fun facts about Me!! 

 - Enjoys ALL things therapeutic: Dancing / Stretching / Kickboxing / Organizing / Exercising / Sleeping / WineTime

 - I'm a sucker for succulents or plants I can't kill, LOL

 - Goals: NCIDQ Certification (by 2024)

 - Bucket List Location: Hawaii


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