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CONSULTATIONS+ (design or build)

  • Designing Your Next ENERGY EFFICIENT Home?

  • Planning for an UPGRADE to your existing Kitchen or Powder Bath?

  • Want to REFRESH your current Living or Private Spaces w/OUT all the Remodeling Construction? 

When designing or getting ready to make a change to your interiors or exteriors. Locating a wellness design focused & educated with experience, Designer can aid in costly mistakes. CRH wants to be sure we are a good fit for you & for us!      


A variety of project scopes are within our wheelhouse of design.  NO Consult is too small or too large! (We will work w/smaller consult fees, for veterans, non-profits, industry partner referrals, & social campaigns, so please do not hesitate to reach out & inquire!) 


We do not end up turn-keying all projects, so CALL US to begin with the consultation process!  Having a clear picture of your updated space WILL result in a successful outcome! 

We can't wait to take you through the process!!! 

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Design + Selections

Designing is our passion! We take a clients vision using a practical, wellness/healthier oriented approach. Let us focus on your style & health!!

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Remodel Design

Using quality software, we can provide CONFIDENCE & valuable insight to a cost effective Remodel.  Start to finish, we'll manage all the ends & outs so you don't have to worry! 

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Design + Staging

Don't have time to shop?


We enjoy staging & getting to see the final result.

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ICF Design + Build

Taking advantage of the time and control of the dollars spent.  Making selections work for us & not against us! Making wellness choices IS our focus!!

Schedule a Consult.... 

CRH couldn't be more excited to hear that you are interested in our Services!


We want to be sure we are just as good of a fit to your needs, as your are a fit to our operations & capabilities.  

We require a $325 Consult Fee, with a $50/deposit to set the appointment, if scheduled online.  Balance will be due at the beginning of the appointment.  Cash/Venmo/CashApp/Check are all viable payments at that time. 

Included in Consult: 

 - Client presents issues & concerns of space desiring assistance

 - CRH will review various details: Style / Concerns / Needs & Demands / Wish List / Lifestyle / etc. to gather quality information to provide proper resources & potential costs. 

 - CRH will discuss some budgetary totals, but totals are NOT final. 

 - CRH can bring one of the preferred contractors to meeting to review any structural concerns. Deposit Required to schedule said PC & will need 1week minimum in advance to schedule w/one. 

 - CRH can provide local suppliers or vendors for convenient visits for clients continued research

 - CRH can provide referrals for similar projects. (if CRH has an established similar past project)

 - CRH will gather measurements for future design & estimating purposes (Contract Required)

 - CRH will want access to attics & closest that may provide structural information. (CRH will NOT access crawl spaces, sub-contractor required)

 - CRH will have contract available for clients & CRH rep to sign at consultation.  (Details can be added via iPad)

 - Clients will provide CRH images & online account visuals for stronger understanding of client's vision. 

 - Clients will provide CRH full attention at consult meeting, by asking any children or family members present, be mindful of the time allotted for the appointment & aids in ALL parties gaining full opportunity for success of final outcome. 

 - CRH will take Retainer (if contract signed, in addition to the consult fee ($325)) 


We stay focused on our existing clients and limit our New Client Consult meetings to 2/week.


We understand your time & dollars are valuable, therefore, we work diligently to present your design & build your estimate. Once estimates are approved, we initiate projects quickly to keep budgets & timelines in check! 

Look forward to meeting and working with you!
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