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REMODELS+ (design+build)

FINDING value in our current homes can be based on our individual experiences & situations within the dwellings we come to call "HOME".  


@CRH we are NOT capable of guaranteeing the financial ROI (return on investment) of your desired space to "REMODEL", BUT we ABSOLUTELY work hard to achieve the results that you find valuable within your home/spaces!! This type of investment is NEVER considered a light decision @CRH.  


REMODELS can be considered one of the most evasive project choices for any customer updating their home.  You are legitimately choosing to live in a construction zone for a temporary period.   Our remodels follow approved estimates & strict timelines before conducting any demo or install.  

ENJOY the before and after shots below!!!! 

Celebrity Townhome Bath2.jpg


Need more space?

Want to UPDATE your STYLE?.....  Brighten it up or Bring the drama to your space!  Heck, we spend more than 2x/day in these spaces!!

photo feb 11, 11 36 34 am.jpg


Aging in place is NICE! Don't worry about how, let us discuss your options, present a plan & implement when you please. We are here to provide you peace of mind.



OPINION:  2 in 10 of us WILL  experience at least 1 kitchen facelift or REMODEL  in our adult lives!!   Let's enjoy YOURS when you're ready!!

We'll be here!

photo jun 18, 3 05 47 pm.jpg


Need a Mother-in-Law plan, Extended Patio & Pool House or simply just a larger Master Closet... ;) We can help!

Schedule a Consultation

CRH couldn't be more excited to hear that you are interested in our Services!


We want to be sure we are just as good of a fit to your needs as your are a fit to our operations & capabilities.  

We require a $250 Initial Consult Fee, that can be paid for in advance or partial & balance taken @time of meeting.  We stay focused on our existing clients and like to feel confident we are spending our time wisely for current & future projects.  


CRH limits our Initial consults to 3 (max) per week.  We understand your time & $$'s are valuable, therefore, we work well with potential clients that are either very close or ready to pull the trigger once estimates are approved, as we initiate project quickly to keep budgets & timelines in check! 

Look foward to speaking with you!!
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