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REMODELS+ (design+build)

FINDING value in our current homes can be based on our individual experiences & situations within the dwellings we come to call "HOME".  


@CRH we are NOT capable of guaranteeing the financial ROI (return on investment) of your desired space to "REMODEL", BUT we ABSOLUTELY work hard to achieve the results that you find valuable within your home/spaces!! This type of investment is NEVER considered a light decision @CRH.  


REMODELS can be considered one of the most evasive project choices for any customer updating their home.  You are legitimately choosing to live in a construction zone for a temporary period.   Our remodels follow approved estimates & strict timelines before conducting any demo or install.  

ENJOY the before and after shots below!!!! 



Want to UPDATE your STYLE? 

Brighten it up!! or Bring the drama!!

We spend more than 2x/day in these spaces!! Set the tone for your day!

photo feb 11, 11 38 38 am.jpg

ADA / Universal Design

Aging in place is NICE! Don't worry about how, let's discuss your options, present a plan & implement when you please. We are here to provide you peace of mind and confidence.



OPINION:  2 in 10 of us will experience at least 1 remodel of some sort in our adult lives. Schedule a consult and we will get to work on YOURS!!!

photo jun 18, 3 04 11 pm.jpg


Need a Mother-in-Law plan, Extended Patio & Pool House or simply just a larger Master Closet... ;) We can help!

Schedule a Consult.... 

CRH couldn't be more excited to hear that you are interested in our Services!


We want to be sure we are just as good of a fit to your needs, as your are a fit to our operations & capabilities.  

We require a $325 Consult Fee, with a $50/deposit to set the appointment, if scheduled online.  Balance will be due at the beginning of the appointment.  Cash/Venmo/CashApp/Check are all viable payments at that time. 

Included in Consult: 

 - Client presents issues & concerns of space desiring assistance

 - CRH will review various details: Style / Concerns / Needs & Demands / Wish List / Lifestyle / etc. to gather quality information to provide proper resources & potential costs. 

 - CRH will discuss some budgetary totals, but totals are NOT final. 

 - CRH can bring one of the preferred contractors to meeting to review any structural concerns. Deposit Required to schedule said PC & will need 1week minimum in advance to schedule w/one. 

 - CRH can provide local suppliers or vendors for convenient visits for clients continued research

 - CRH can provide referrals for similar projects. (if CRH has an established similar past project)

 - CRH will gather measurements for future design & estimating purposes (Contract Required)

 - CRH will want access to attics & closest that may provide structural information. (CRH will NOT access crawl spaces, sub-contractor required)

 - CRH will have contract available for clients & CRH rep to sign at consultation.  (Details can be added via iPad)

 - Clients will provide CRH images & online account visuals for stronger understanding of client's vision. 

 - Clients will provide CRH full attention at consult meeting, by asking any children or family members present, be mindful of the time allotted for the appointment & aids in ALL parties gaining full opportunity for success of final outcome. 

 - CRH will take Retainer (if contract signed, in addition to the consult fee ($325)) 


We stay focused on our existing clients and limit our New Client Consult meetings to 2/week.


We understand your time & dollars are valuable, therefore, we work diligently to present your design & build your estimate. Once estimates are approved, we initiate projects quickly to keep budgets & timelines in check! 

Look forward to meeting and working with you!
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