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How I Use 100 Santas to Bring in the Holiday Cheer

I absolutely LUV Christmas. I mean, who doesn’t?

Putting up all the decor for Christmas brings such a nostalgic, warm, and cozy feeling, making you want to snuggle up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows or apple cider while watching movies by the fire. There’s just something about the ambiance of gentle lighting from a beautiful Christmas tree, a staircase handrail full of foliagel, or one of those ornament-filled lanterns that just puts my soul at peace.

Unfortunately, I think there are a few Grinches in the world who associate holiday decor with a bucket of unwanted stress. The holidays are busy times and for those of us with jam-packed schedules, it can be tricky to find time to get the attic decor down and stage it around the house. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! This is where we come in.

How Many Santas is Too Many Santas?

To paint a picture of what it might look like to have someone come help design your home for the holidays, I decided to share a glimpse of one of my all-time favorite decor projects!

I have a wonderful client whom I’ve been working with for nearly 8 years now that has me Santa-fy their entire house with nearly… wait for it... 100 Santas.

Yes, 100 different-sized and themed Santas. These guys get me in the mood for Christmas Cheer as I pull each one out of their boxes!!!

My wonderful lifelong clients, the Millers, have a youthful Santa obsession and a super fun Christmas project that has become one of my favorite ways to get in the mood for the holidays. I get pretty excited about this contract because we kinda go all out for this house. We come into their home riding on the coattails of Halloween and start by cleaning up any fall decor to set the stage for the multitude of Christmas decor. I’m talking about boxes and boxes of stuff, y’all. So much so that each piece is labeled with its corresponding box (in many cases, these collector’s items are still kept in their original boxes) and sometimes even the location or room it corresponds to. With this many Santas, being organized is key! We do enjoy being flexible with the decor, so it feels fresh and new every year. While some Santas have their place in a sports-themed room, others simply just bring that “Jolly-ness” to the space!

Over the years, we have decked the halls with eight Christmas trees, including the main tree which stands a beautiful and grand 12 ft as the overall focus in the Living room, sitting perfectly next to the cast stone fireplace surround and mantle that are also adorned in Christmas theme. Adding to the decor, there are even a couple of crystal Christmas trees and more than 100 collector’s items, ranging from various-sized ornaments to tabletop Santas and other nostalgic Christmas decor! We put a lovingly crafted Christmas touch on the staircase handrail, piano top, and oversized kitchen island areas. With a keen eye for functionality and years of staging experience, we bring a classic taste to the themed spaces to continue their traditional and classic vibe to each room of their beautiful home.

These clients have a very impressive collection of one-of-a-kind decorative items. With collections like Jim Shore, Swarovski Crystals, and many others, these items require their very own black and silver sparkled individual Christmas trees. Yes, two! One black iron and one silver sparkled tree with a beautiful star, bell, and other shaped crystals hanging. A timeless capsule of Christmas joy and glittering crystal, these trees are one of the most beautiful focal points that we get to assemble for this project.

The playful variety of sports Santas, knitting Santas, dog Santas, various nativity sets, and boughs and boughs of holly leave me walking out of that project covered in glitter and holiday joy every year that I’ve been working with them.

Other Awesome Christmas Decor Options

While the 100 Santas contract is an expansive project that can take me a solid week to put up and a week to break down again, not all of my projects are quite so extravagant. I have design options that can be tailored to any space! If you’re wanting to spruce up your home or office for the holidays, I can do as little as a fireplace mantle, a festive tablescape (my personal favorite), or as grandiose as your entire house! There is no project too big or small for us and we pride ourselves on bringing your home a decor that is comfortable, functional, and timeless.

While you’re celebrating the holidays and wishing you had an awesome space to host your favorite time of year, don’t hesitate to reach out to me over at CRH Design+Build to help you create the perfect space for your Christmas dreams this year.

And if you’re thinking that interior design is a luxurious expense, think again! It can be expensive to hire a designer to revamp your space, but it doesn’t have to be. A couple Christmas decor project ideas I can tackle for a reasonable cost:

  • Get a Custom Tree from a local retailer! We’ll shop for your favorite tree (up to 8 ft) and select a spread of ornaments in your color or theme of choice! Included in the costs are delivery and set-up in your preferred space, home, or office

  • Custom Tree $2000

    • $350-$450 in ornaments

    • Up to 7 hrs for decorating

    • Up to 5 hrs for shopping

    • Up to $1000 Tree Budget

  • Client’s Personal Decor Arrangement! One dedicated designer will be assigned per space. The cost for this package is per space size and includes labor time only; no shopping for decorations is included in this package.

    • Small Room/Small Office: $350 (up to 5 hours)

    • Medium Room/Conference Room: $450 (single-day effort, up to 8 hrs)

    • Large Room: $750 (2-day effort, up to 8 hrs per day)

      • Each Room includes a (1) single tree w/table top or shelving decor efforts included if decorations are provided that require such decorating needs.

You Deserve a Decorated Space for More Than Just Christmas

Life is so busy, believe me, I understand. From time to time, some of my clients have gone without decorating - not even just for the holidays, but just having a simple, comfortable decor in their own homes all year round.

I absolutely love decorating homes for the holidays. As I’ve mentioned, it’s fun and really rolls in the Christmas spirit; but I also love helping my clients find their unique style and bring it to life so they can enjoy it every day with the people whom they love the most.

Start making memories in your custom - or lightly-custom - designed space with the help of CRH Design+Build. Call today to see just how easy it is to transform the level of decor in your home. We’d love to work with you!

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