"Creativity is Intelligence having fun." - Albert  Einstein


CRH Interior Design + Custom Build is built from years of hard work dedicated to hustle and present an ethical and productive stance in our industry.  It took an immense amount of thought and prayer to start a new chapter that is focused on building a new version of success. A version where creativity forms style, class, and connection to our surroundings. My desire for this vision is built on the inspiration of others and their ability to engage & uphold various levels of accountability and most importantly creativity to each project we are blessed to work on.   Taking my skills and knowledge to areas where I can give back will drive many satisfying projects to completion! I have come to believe aligning ourselves with new opportunities & other like-minded professionals & friends, keep for strong connections that last and worthy of the hustle!! 

Christy Howell

CEO / Visionary 

Lead Designer & ICF Builder

A little about me...

 - I love dancing!! It's like therapy!!! Dance Party anyone?? ;)

 - Weekend Fun: Playtime w/the Family & Volunteering once a month

 - Location on Bucket List: Hawaii

Inspiring Quotes

I enjoy being inspired by people's actions, motivational quotes, moments of laughter & our surroundings both organic and man-made!  

 - "We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other."

                                                                 - Vala Alshar

 - "I never dreamt of success. I worked for it"

                                                                  - Estée Lauder 

 - " I am going to make everything around me beautiful--that will be my life."     

                                                                  - Elsie De Wolfe 

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